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Dealing with a drug or alcohol addiction is a dangerous and serious issue. Every day that an addiction continues undealt with and unaddressed is another day that the addicted individual puts their life on the line needlessly. With the help of the high-quality advisory services available through Bend Drug Rehab Centers, you or your addicted loved one can stop playing this dangerous game with life once and for all. Call Bend Drug Rehab Centers today at (971) 865-8849 to find out more about how our advisory services can help to save your life and help you stop playing the most dangerous game in the world with your life.

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What Is a Drug and Alcohol Addiction?

To understand why our addiction treatment advisory services and addiction treatment are so important, it can help to know what an addiction itself actually entails. An addiction to drugs or alcohol is a disease that affects the mind and the body.

When a person becomes addicted to a substance, they are unable to control their behaviors in regard to that substance. That means that while an average person can have one glass of wine in an evening, an addict would have to finish the whole bottle or more.

When a person has an addiction to drugs or alcohol, they will experience a number of negative consequences as a result. For example, many addicts lose their jobs and have difficulty sustaining steady income. Additionally, they will likely lose relationships with some or all of their friends and family, develop serious physical health problems like organ failure or stroke, develop serious mental health problems like depression and psychosis, and may even end up incarcerated or in a mental ward for a prolonged period of time.

Seeking high-quality drug and alcohol addiction treatment in Bend or anywhere else across the nation may just be your only hope for overcoming your addiction.

Is Recovery Possible?

Although an addiction is a serious disease and causes nothing but pain and misery, that pain and misery do not have to continue indefinitely. In fact, it is possible to recover from an addiction to drugs or alcohol. As long as you are still alive, there is hope available to you. And while it is next to impossible to overcome an addiction to drugs or alcohol alone, with the right help from a drug and alcohol addiction treatment center, it is possible.

How Can Bend Drug Rehab Centers Help?

Bend Drug Rehab Centers offers free and complimentary addiction treatment referral and advisory services to help connect you with drug and alcohol addiction treatment centers. Whether you are looking for an alcohol rehab in Bend, a drug rehab in Bend, or a treatment center in another region of the country, our referral services can help you. Call us (971) 865-8849 to learn more.

When you call Bend Drug Rehab Centers, whether you call during regular business hours or in the middle of the night on a Saturday, you will get immediately connected to one of our expert addiction treatment advisors. They will answer any questions you might have about the process and will help you to get started.

You will get started by answering some basic questions about yourself and your addiction as well as your financial situation and your medical insurance coverage. The answers to these questions will help your addiction treatment advisor when they dive into the network of high-quality, top-tier addiction treatment centers to find you a good match.

There are many different types of addiction treatment programs and centers available to you as well. If you have a preference in those treatment options, your addiction treatment advisor will, of course, take those preferences into consideration as well.

For example, the two primary formats in which addiction treatment is offered are inpatient and outpatient addiction treatment. Outpatient addiction treatment is the least restrictive option and requires the lowest time commitment on a weekly basis. The recovering addict will go to treatment sessions for a few hours a week and then will be on their own the rest of the time to be at home or in a sober living community. These programs generally last about six months to a year.

Contact Bend Drug Rehab Centers today at (971) 865-8849 and see how our advisors can help you locate the perfect treatment facility for you.

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